Gallery from HC Training 2012 April

This gallery has been created using the  NextGen Gallery Feature for test purposes.   The shortcode is nggallery id=X, where X is the gallery ID

The are 3 ways of viewing the gallery
1. As a Slideshow
2. With PicLens
3. Just Clicking the photo

These are from the April  2012 YEA Training Workshop at Lweza.

The next set is a mixture of photos

To create  galleries using the gallery feature, Go to GALLERY –> ADD GALLERY/IMAGES.  Create the Gallery Note  the Gallery ID, then upload photos to the Gallery (Read and follow the instructions). Then create a post, and in it post t short code  nggallery id=x   “x” is the gallery ID. The shortcode should be in angled brackets like these [ ]


  1. Mark ALINAITWE says:

    Where am I in da pic?

  2. amumpire sharon says:

    Hi,members why are you so lost? Say some thing.

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