Mengo Senior School Permaculture Project

Mengo Senior School is participating in a Permaculture Project with Joytown Secondary School of Kenya. The project seeks to improve food security through sustainable Urban Permaculture.

It is hoped that by the end of the project, students will have

– Gained more knowledge of the intricate relationship between economic development, environment and social conditions;

– Developed a positive attitude toward agriculture and food production; concern for the environment and a desire to carry out permaculture as a sustainable method  of protecting the environment;

– Improved their skills of information gathering,  analysis and application to address food insecurity through sustainable permaculture practices;

– Learnt media literacy skills  (e.g. using social media tools) to document and disseminate information on  project activities  and

– Participated in an advocacy program for improving food security

Delegates for the YEA 2012 jet in

YEA and ELIMU Delegation

YEA Delegates and Mengo ELIMU team to travel to Norway in Sept 2012

Some delegates for the YEA 2012 conference jetted into the country from Rjukan. The group will work first with the partner school in Uganda, Mengo Senior School to polish their project activities.  They also attended a Parents’ orientation meeting at Mengo in which parents and guardians of students from Mengo who will be traveling to Norway in September were briefed about the ELIMU Exchange Program.

The delegates will join other YEA delegates at Ridar on 1st August 2012.



YEA 2012