Back to Oslo tired and inspired

I arrived safely back to Oslo. I am exhausted by energized at the same, tired but inspired, most of all i feel humbled and honoured having worked with you all again. For me this training session was a great experience and it was wonderful to share it with you. I feel your youthful energy rubbed onto me and I am now a few years younger. I thank you for your courage to share your personal experience and recognize each other as unique persons. I left assured that you have the courage, the will, the leadership qualities to manage the YEA 2012. The venue was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for August to see you in action.

Ayub and the information team, thanks for the blog. It is one great development of the YEA concept.


  1. Lawrence Epila says:

    You are the very special to us too. You have fathered us to get to where we are. Merely being close to men like you who move miles , continents, seas and countries just to meet us has moulded us to better people.

    You have personally helped me learn how to look inside my inner person and have an open view of serious issues surrounding me.thank you. Just know that your journey was not in vain because it helped us to gain courage to move on our journeys as well.

  2. Csirintai says:

    Very poetic reflection Komeja. But I agree with you, it was a positively intense session that I believe bore fruit. We now work as hard as we can in putting together an exceptional conference. There is lots to be done…and will get done!

  3. csirintai says:

    Very poetic reflection Komeja…as a result of the training?

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