When did you start?

I did not start to think until the day I let my mind free to think

Neither did I start to see until the day I opened my eyes to see

Nor did I hear till I allowed my ears to hear

Not only did they star to hear but also listened

The Will and Power to see, hear and think have been with me all this while

Yet I never noticed

When did you begin to hear, see and think?

We all Need each Other

We Need each other

Immy Explaining the Concept of Expanding Choices

I recently discovered that I am incomplete without the other person. When you look into some one else eyes critically,  the person you see is yourself.  So I concluded I am incomplete without the other person.  We all need each other – You,  Me and the World.

This is the spirit behind the Youth Empowerment Assembly, 2012.

The Meaning of the YEA Logo

I am very glad it has been giving people hard time guessing which is both good and bad, I just wanted to get your views.
Personally the logo shows me two people from different generations. The bigger picture for the older generation and the other the young. Well, the  time has come for us to join hands and be agents of good change. I  need you and you need me.

The world is nothing and meaningless without you and I.  Lets ma

erge the the big dreams and differences  for a better world that we all share.  Its our home after all.
That’s a brief explanation…..hope to share more during the  training if possible. I  also need to hear from you…….

You and I

To you with love,
This generation, those before us and those to come need us. The last thing we can ever do is to let them down, lets overcome our indifference, fears, weakness and match with courage. It’s one life to live.


Making a differnce is no simple joke!

From childhood, I always dreamed of making a difference in the lives of the people around me.  Last year around July, after a rigorous selection process, I  was selected by my school (Mengo Senior School)  among the five students to be part of a great cause of making a difference in my world.
Together with a team of other 22 students from differnt schools and institutions in Uganda, we began the road marking the  dream that I really desired coming true.

It all turns out to be a  great opportunity but I nver knew it would be this tough! Some times, I have second thoughts as to whether I can make it. But now, I realise I  can never shy away from  addressing the injustice and mischief in my present time.
Each time I kneel on my bedside I ask the Being who hand picked me to give me and my teammates strength to run the race and attain the prize ahead – ” Oneness in all humanity”


YEA 2012