Peer counselling and mediation Workshop. Thika-Kenya

Every day we are surrounded with several conflicts, BIG or small ,if not handled well the PEACE that we all cherish in society can be dim or not be felt any more. A people that desire this PEACE will stand for it. Even youths of all ages can mediate to restore the balance and PEACE that was once lost.It’s never too early to restore mutual understanding but it can be way too late if left at the expense of TIME

Mengo ss,Ugandan tean team in Norway for Elimu

                                                                This week am in Norway and staying in Rjukan for two weeks.My high school and Rjukan Upper school in Rjukan,Oslo have been engaged in an exchange program that is sponsored by Friendship North South for over five years now under a program name “ELIMU”

This program is based on sharing culture diversities,appreciating differences and embarrassing similarities and also on skills and knowledge sharing.

Every years the program takes place we work on a theme and the theme for this year is”Human Dignity”

.My school Mengo senior school has sent six teenage ambassadors accompanied by a female teacher and the head teacher himself.
Tomorrow we get to meet the rest of the students of Rjukan and then the program is fired up……….

YEA 2O12 Host Committee Check in.

YEA Team checks in

YEA HC Checks in

Today the Host commitee checked in at Ridah Hotel in Mukono at 12:30pm

to make final touches for the assembly which is officially starting tomorrow

( Wednesday 1st August) with the arrival of delegates from Uganda, Kenya,Norway

and Tanzania to the venue.

 Finally YEA-2012 is  here…………watch the space.
World changers are here to Colour their World!

Small stroies

“Every story tells a lot”.
Never stop writing your story.
Every journey is filled with tiny stories
Small as it may be, it’s a masterpiece worth writing you never know what it tell the reader.
Big dream lie in between the small story lines.

“Small stories are  treasures”
So keep writing your story……………………..

If you can change your words, you can change the World……………….

If you can change your words, you can change the World……………….

Mengo Project report

Mengo Senior school Youth Empowerment Assembly team successfully carried out a project within school . The theme of the project is “Expanding Choice”. Please click below to download the report

You can also read through our project

Mengo Senior School Community Project

Mengo YEA Team (Part of)

The best way to transform our communities into what we dream of is to reach out and work jointly with the men and women of the community.We all need each other.You ,Me and the World

Find out if you really care……..

Sharing with fellow Students

Sharing with fellow students

Sometimes we think we have to give or do some thing to some one for them to know that we care for them. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Just love if you are to love and care with all your heart if you are to care.  Be there for them when no one else is there.

Be the first…………

Sharon in Europe

Sharon in Europe for ELIMU Project Exchange, 2012

LIFE gets a greater meaning when we all lay down our in differences even if  just for a second and focus on our similarities and Issues that bond us as humans.  Let’s treasure those.
Be the first to make the step.  That’s when real love begins.
Youth Empowerment Assembly 2012(YEA) won’t be the same without you!
Let’s raise high the banner “YOU, ME AND THE WORLD”

New Draft Logo, please comment

it is scanned .

YEA 2012 Draft Logo7

YEA 2012 Draft Logo7



YEA 2012