The YEA 2012 report

The YEA2012 report compiled by Cynthia Sirintai is now out. In general it show that the conference was well organised, subjects discussed  were relevant and met the expectations of the participants. You can download it from here 


Are you the captain of your boat?

Self leadership is about is being captain of your own ship by influencing and promoting your personal development, motivation and quality of life. It is leadership from within. It involves developing self-reflection and awareness, making personal choices and decisions that contribute to personal development. it takes place in interaction with others.

Added Mr. Baguma’s presentation on Communication

I have added Mr. Baguma’s presentation under programme\ speakers . You will also find Seth Mazibuko’s “change starts with me” quote on the same place.

Uploaded photos from YEA2008

You will find them here:

Working Programme

Below sis the working programme. Please note that it is still undergoing changes.

Working Programme

Back to Oslo tired and inspired

I arrived safely back to Oslo. I am exhausted by energized at the same, tired but inspired, most of all i feel humbled and honoured having worked with you all again. For me this training session was a great experience and it was wonderful to share it with you. I feel your youthful energy rubbed onto me and I am now a few years younger. I thank you for your courage to share your personal experience and recognize each other as unique persons. I left assured that you have the courage, the will, the leadership qualities to manage the YEA 2012. The venue was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for August to see you in action.

Ayub and the information team, thanks for the blog. It is one great development of the YEA concept.

YEA 2012