The YEA Newsletter…First edition

YEA Newsletter - 1st EditionYEA Newsletter

Here is the newsletter that the information team put together with the input from the whole committee. Congratulations to them.

Feel free to give feedback and pin point areas that need improvement.

The team is already working on the second Newsletter. Please contribute as much as possible.

Who should be invited to speak at the conference? And what topics will they cover?

Let us get your views and opinions about who should be invited to talk at the conference.

As you do that, please provide a short description of the person, what they have done and

what they can talk about. Remember to focus on the theme ‘You, Me and the World’ as you

think about the people as well as what they will talk about. If you have contacts, please

provide them as well. Be as specific as possible especially when proposing the topics e.g

HIV/AIDS- what about it? connect  with the conference theme. All ideas are welcome.


Let us complete this part of the program people!

Let’s do this!

This is an exciting moment for me and i’m guessing for most if not all of us.
YEA 2012 brought us together to better ourselves and make a difference…let us use this blog to document it!

YEA 2012