History of YEA


YEA 2008 HC training at Thaba Marula Camp in South Africa

The  Youth Empowerment Assembly is inspired by the belief that participation is a basic democratic right and that participation of young people in decision making broadens and deepens this right. Many decisions are made that concern and influence the life of young people as members of their local and the international community. The channels available to influence decisions like parliaments, political parties, media and various international bodies including the United Nations have been moulded for “grown-ups”, professionals and bureaucrats. Young people find it hard to either participate or influence them.

The first Youth Empowerment Assembly (YEA) was organized in 2004 at Bagamoyo, Tanzania and the second YEA 2008 took place in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa April 2008. The YEA 2012 will be held in Uganda from from 1 – 5 August 2012.

YEA 2012