YEA Youths with their teacher

YEA Youths from Kalinabili S.S with their teacher during training


It is always said that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The Youth Empowerment Assembly is a conference that wishes to challenge this convention by insisting that the youth are the leaders of today and if they are not, then something is wrong in our decision making processes.

The Youth Empowerment Assembly (YEA) is organised by Friendship North/South, a Norwegian based NGO. The organization works with developing countries to foster partnerships that focus on mutuality and respect for human dignity.

The first Youth Empowerment Assembly (YEA) was organized in 2004 at Bagamoyo, Tanzania and the second YEA 2008 took place in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa April 2008. The YEA 2012 will be held in Uganda from 1st to 5th August 2012.

 Target participants

YEA 2012 targets young people between the ages of 16 – 24 years, drawn from the Friendship North/South network in Eastern Africa and Norway.  About 70 young people are expected to attend the assembly.


The purpose of the assembly is to empower the youth with creative skills, knowledge and inspire them to get involved in bringing changes that would benefit them, their communities and the international community. The organisers expect to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide the participants with a forum to share, deliberate, discuss and seek possible solutions to challenges facing them, their communities and the international community
  • To provide the participants with information and understandingof how local and global decisions are related and influence participation in development and the welfare of the youth. There will be a focus on global challenges including conflict management, climatic changes, environmental pollution, drug trafficking etc and how these are interrelated with local challenges in their communities.
  • To provide them with skills and methods to mobilize and inspire other people especially the youth to get involved in formulating actions that would enhance youth participation in addressing the challenges and bring positive change


The organizers expect that the participants will have:

  • Become more aware of  their abilities and talents to contribute and bring positive change
  • Acquired communication skills that will enable them to interact and engage with people of different backgrounds
  • Acquired motivational and participatory skills to inspire and motivate other young people to plan, organize, and implement local actions that would bring positive change

The hosting committee

Mengo Students Listening to Paul Sessanga

Students of Mengo Senior School in listening to Paul Sessanga on the theme under the “Expanding Choices” Project by YEA Youths

In the tradition of the Youth Empowerment Assembly, the YEA2012 will be hosted by a committee of young people from schools in Kampala, Uganda. Their role is to plan, arrange for and manage the assembly.


These youths will undergo training to provide with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage the Youth Empowerment Assembly (YEA conference) effectively and with confidence.

Learning skills

The participants are expected to acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Acquire an understanding of how local and global decisions are related and influence participation development/welfare of the youth
  • Acquire participatory and cross-cultural communications skills
  • Acquire skills and understanding of the components that make up a conference, planning tools, how to cutter for the welfare (hospitality) of the delegates and offer them high quality service
  • Acquire self-confidence, problem solving and leadership skills
  • Acquire skills of using computer and other digital media as tools for planning and implementing the conference
  • Basic journalistic skills including photographing

YEA 2012