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Find out if you really care……..

Sharing with fellow Students

Sharing with fellow students

Sometimes we think we have to give or do some thing to some one for them to know that we care for them. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Just love if you are to love and care with all your heart if you are to care.  Be there for them when no one else is there.

Be the first…………

Sharon in Europe

Sharon in Europe for ELIMU Project Exchange, 2012

LIFE gets a greater meaning when we all lay down our in differences even if  just for a second and focus on our similarities and Issues that bond us as humans.  Let’s treasure those.
Be the first to make the step.  That’s when real love begins.
Youth Empowerment Assembly 2012(YEA) won’t be the same without you!
Let’s raise high the banner “YOU, ME AND THE WORLD”

The YEA Newsletter…First edition

YEA Newsletter - 1st EditionYEA Newsletter

Here is the newsletter that the information team put together with the input from the whole committee. Congratulations to them.

Feel free to give feedback and pin point areas that need improvement.

The team is already working on the second Newsletter. Please contribute as much as possible.

YEA 2012