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Back to Oslo tired and inspired

I arrived safely back to Oslo. I am exhausted by energized at the same, tired but inspired, most of all i feel humbled and honoured having worked with you all again. For me this training session was a great experience and it was wonderful to share it with you. I feel your youthful energy rubbed onto me and I am now a few years younger. I thank you for your courage to share your personal experience and recognize each other as unique persons. I left assured that you have the courage, the will, the leadership qualities to manage the YEA 2012. The venue was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for August to see you in action.

Ayub and the information team, thanks for the blog. It is one great development of the YEA concept.

Last YEA Training underway

Logistics Team at Work

Logistics Team at Work in the gardens

The training  is taking place at Lweza. The sessions started on Friday 13th and will end on Sunday 15th April 2012.

The Meaning of the YEA Logo

I am very glad it has been giving people hard time guessing which is both good and bad, I just wanted to get your views.
Personally the logo shows me two people from different generations. The bigger picture for the older generation and the other the young. Well, the  time has come for us to join hands and be agents of good change. I  need you and you need me.

The world is nothing and meaningless without you and I.  Lets ma

erge the the big dreams and differences  for a better world that we all share.  Its our home after all.
That’s a brief explanation…..hope to share more during the  training if possible. I  also need to hear from you…….

You and I

To you with love,
This generation, those before us and those to come need us. The last thing we can ever do is to let them down, lets overcome our indifference, fears, weakness and match with courage. It’s one life to live.


YEA 2012