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Are you the captain of your boat?

Self leadership is about is being captain of your own ship by influencing and promoting your personal development, motivation and quality of life. It is leadership from within. It involves developing self-reflection and awareness, making personal choices and decisions that contribute to personal development. it takes place in interaction with others.

Added Mr. Baguma’s presentation on Communication

I have added Mr. Baguma’s presentation under programme\ speakers . You will also find Seth Mazibuko’s “change starts with me” quote on the same place.

Uploaded photos from YEA2008

You will find them here:

Gallery from HC Training 2012 April

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These are from the April  2012 YEA Training Workshop at Lweza.

The next set is a mixture of photos

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Kololo S.S.S Team off to Norway

The Kololo SSS Friendship North/South team of 8   travelled to Kongsvinger on Sunday 22nd April 2012. The group will be returning to Uganda on Saturday 5th May 2012. During the visit, on Monday 30th April the group will in Oslo.

The Kololo Group include people you have met before like Amumpire Sharon, Kasolo Nasser, Onyango John Omunyin and Kaggwa Sarah Nakiwala Semwezi.

Reported by Timothy  Mugerwa.

New Draft Logo, please comment

it is scanned .

YEA 2012 Draft Logo7

YEA 2012 Draft Logo7



Working Programme

Below sis the working programme. Please note that it is still undergoing changes.

Working Programme

Who should be invited to speak at the conference? And what topics will they cover?

Let us get your views and opinions about who should be invited to talk at the conference.

As you do that, please provide a short description of the person, what they have done and

what they can talk about. Remember to focus on the theme ‘You, Me and the World’ as you

think about the people as well as what they will talk about. If you have contacts, please

provide them as well. Be as specific as possible especially when proposing the topics e.g

HIV/AIDS- what about it? connect  with the conference theme. All ideas are welcome.


Let us complete this part of the program people!

When did you start?

I did not start to think until the day I let my mind free to think

Neither did I start to see until the day I opened my eyes to see

Nor did I hear till I allowed my ears to hear

Not only did they star to hear but also listened

The Will and Power to see, hear and think have been with me all this while

Yet I never noticed

When did you begin to hear, see and think?

We all Need each Other

We Need each other

Immy Explaining the Concept of Expanding Choices

I recently discovered that I am incomplete without the other person. When you look into some one else eyes critically,  the person you see is yourself.  So I concluded I am incomplete without the other person.  We all need each other – You,  Me and the World.

This is the spirit behind the Youth Empowerment Assembly, 2012.

YEA 2012