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Let’s do this!

This is an exciting moment for me and i’m guessing for most if not all of us.
YEA 2012 brought us together to better ourselves and make a difference…let us use this blog to document it!

Making a differnce is no simple joke!

From childhood, I always dreamed of making a difference in the lives of the people around me.  Last year around July, after a rigorous selection process, I  was selected by my school (Mengo Senior School)  among the five students to be part of a great cause of making a difference in my world.
Together with a team of other 22 students from differnt schools and institutions in Uganda, we began the road marking the  dream that I really desired coming true.

It all turns out to be a  great opportunity but I nver knew it would be this tough! Some times, I have second thoughts as to whether I can make it. But now, I realise I  can never shy away from  addressing the injustice and mischief in my present time.
Each time I kneel on my bedside I ask the Being who hand picked me to give me and my teammates strength to run the race and attain the prize ahead – ” Oneness in all humanity”


YEA 2012